Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Characters

5. Lester Crest

Lester is the masterthoughts behind all of the heists and although he suffers from a losing illness which has gradually worn down his motor abilities throughout his life and left him wheelchair-certain he is still no less of a threat. He excels best behind his computer screen and isn’t an individual you want to piss off.

At an unknown point in time, Lester met and have become affiliated with Michael Townley and Trevor Philips, becoming a regular member of their heist crews since the begin of their companionship.

4. Lamar Davis

Lamar is the very best good friend of Franklin Clinton they both went to Davis High School together once they have been teenagers. Eventually, the 2 males became involved in crime. Now going about stealing (or “repo-ing”) cars for the dealership the place they work. Lamar always has something clever to say, even if he doesn’t have the eloquence to really say it, and he shows that there is more to a small time gangster than meets the eye.

Fun Fact: Lamar was initially alleged to be the character that Franklin ended up being but because of a last minute resolution by Rockstar his position was altered.

3. Franklin Clinton

Franklin is a small time gangster, working for a crooked man who desires him to boost cars for a living. Franklin is the first playable character in gta 5 for android V (discounting the prologue) and is our first introduction to the sprawling world of Los Santos.

Franklin was born in South Los Santos in 1988. Following his mom’s death, Franklin moved in with his grandparents. Despite being constantly spoiled by his grandmother, Franklin had determined to tackle the role of a road hustler. One in all his first jobs was selling cigarettes with Bradshaw nonetheless, it is not until Franklin jacks Michael’s son’s car that he is promoted into the prison world of high risk, high reward.

2. Micheal De Santa / Townley

Michael Townley was part of an enormous time gang, pulling off bank heists and moving into ferocious shoot-outs. After he’s shot by the police, however, he decides to take the way out; witness protection in change for information.

Michael is a superb character to balance the three protagonist structure. He strikes a balance between Franklin’s cool, collected angle and Trevor’s crazy. Michael may be as reasonable as the following man, but when he is in a bad mood, he can nearly be as manic as his old partner. Michael is about as far away from the stereotypical GTA protagonist as you could possibly get, and it appears somewhat recent to begin off the game as successful this time round.

1. Trevor Philips

Who else might it have been? Rockstar’s newest psychopath is different because he’s additionally a protagonist. Trevor Phillips is wild and unhinged. His firm, Trevor Phillips Industries, seems to solely have things on its business plan – kill everyone and sell some meth. Because the story progresses, Trevor carries out torture, brutally murders individuals, takes a person’s spouse hostage and continues his one man rampage.

Trevor is an unbelievably complicated character, and can go down in GTA history as one of the wildest characters ever.